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Finally a Post
I have been extremely busy. Working for the US Census Bureau as an Enumerator in addition to pulling double shifts at my regular job. It has been an interesting time to say the least. Very much into the World Cup in spite of the USA being ousted by Ghana. I had a Scottish Grandfather and an English Grandmother who taught me a love of the game and I root for Grandma's hometown team Aston Villa of Birmingham, England. My grandpa rooted for Rangers of Glasgow, Scotland. (He was protestant, the Catholic's rooted for Celtic in Glasgow), meanwhile my first love was the New York Cosmos (1971-84 R.I.P.) of the old North American Soccer League.

It used to be I loved and lived for Summer. But once I left High School and had to work for a living? Summer is not as much fun! I tend to enjoy October a lot better now.

Lets face it wherever you are? Politicians are going to let you down. If you are idealistic whether you are Democrat or Republican. I had no illusions about Obama. But it would have been worse under McCain/Palin. What's clear is how much the Corporations have ruined and poisoned the well of public discourse.

I am on Facebook mostly these days as Jay Stewart. Feel free to add me.

This journal is far from dead, but I realized how much I am on Facebook these days.


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