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I am very concerned about the direction of this country. I am afraid that with the Tea Party Nazi's taking over that people like me are going to end up in the concentration camps. Thats what these people will do. They are all for freedom except when it comes to gay rights, the right for me to smoke pot and marry whoever I want. They will make christianity mandatory in schools and it will be like the handmaid's tale. These people are scary! Very scary! All these republicans wanted Obama to fail. Limbaugh said it himself and as far as I am concerned. People like Boehner, Limbaugh, Hannity, Rand and Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, The Koch Brothers and Fox News are the same people who backed Augusto Pincohet and overturned Salvador Allende in Peru. Be Careful when people start disappearing in the streets of the United States. Those who are Gay, Liberal, Minority and Non-White will be tortured and killed. Thats whats going to happen in the States next. We are in trouble and there is nowhere to run. Pretty soon it going to be bloodshed. I ain't letting these nazi's take me off. Fuck that!

There are a lot of stupid people in America. This midterm election has convinced me of that. These people are the American Taliban and if you vote against your own best interests? then there is no hope for America! This aint the land of the free, this is not America. And one final thing I am convinced that are enough people out there who will never accept the president being black and they will never accept America being a white minority. Its that simple and try convincing me otherwise.

My only hope is Obama actually starts acting like a socialist and having Fox News shut down and having Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin tried for treason.


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